Essay Publications and Samples

I have published numerous essays, including with OnBeing from APR; The Mindfulness Bell, a publication of Plum Village with Thich Nhat Hanh; with Sharon Salzberg’s Meditation Challenge blog; The Yoga and Body Image Coalition, Tiny Buddha, Yoga Basics, Basmati, A Women’s Thing, and other publications.

A few Samples and Links

We are empty; our chests open and our breath moves freely, and we are full; by centering in ourselves through the breath, we deeply inhabit our bodies.

Read more in, “Yoga Verse: Poses and Poetry for the Yogi and Reader,” in OnBeing with American Public Radio.

When I become a receptacle for love, love becomes real; has a place to live; is embodied. My heart warms in my chest as it wakes up.

Read more in, “Giving Love a Place to Live: Opening the Heart Meditation,” and my other blog posts on

Yoga can serve as a relief from this state of being in that it asks me to listen to myself instead of trying to command or control myself.

Read more in, Body Awareness Through Yoga: Less Force, More Listening, with the  Yoga and Body Image Coalition.

Dr. Seuss’s grumpy, beleaguered, and beloved Lorax character says, “I speak for the trees, for the trees have no tongues.” This poignant children’s book brings some interesting questions to mind—who speaks for the earth in courts around the world, and for the rights of the planet itself?

Read more in, “Who Speaks for the Earth? Three Stories in Environmental Law,” with Minding Nature from the Center for Humans and Nature.

 As an adult, you have a lot of power to protect children’s free creative development and try to fend off the tendency we have in this culture to determine whether or not someone is ‘artistic.’

Read more in, “Developmental Art Stages: The Magical World of Children’s Visual Literacy,” with ArtB412.

Each of us has one body to travel through this world in and, unfortunately, many of us have not been taught to love these bodies.

Read more in, “Catherine Hernandez Is a Well-Spring of Body Wisdom,” in A Women’s Thing (contains nudity).

Same five questions, different artists: this site uses a simple but meaningful list of questions to offer concise but engaging conversations with a variety of artists.

Check out artist interviews I have carried out on a site I founded, AskArtists.

“Not asking for it:” it seems like a pretty basic, simple idea.

Read more in, “Not Asking For It: A Creative Women’s Rights Campaign,” with Her Culture.