Poetry & Fiction Publications, Honors, Samples

My poetry is published in:

Heron Tree Poetry Journal; The Journal of Wild Culture; Contemporary American Voices; Blueline Literary Magazine; Ecological Citizen; Streetlight Magazine; Fredericksburg Literary and Art Review; The William and Mary Review; Kudzu Literary Magazine; The Compassion Anthology; Whurk Magazine; Birds Piled Loosely Press; Echo World Magazine; Postcard Poems and Prose Magazine; Butter Press; Sky Island Journal; the book, “Open to Interpretation,” from Liberty Town Arts; The Big Windows Review; Vagabond City; The Eclectic Literary Magazine; The Escarp Review; tenderness, yea; Healing Forest; the “Million-line Poem,” from Tupelo Press, and by the creative women’s rights groups, Racket and Period Piece.

My fiction is published with Whurk Magazine and The Gallery.

I won the Glenwood Clark Fiction Prize and Kutzleben Fiction Writing Contest. I was also honored with the Haunted Waters Press Short Shorts Competition Honorable Mention and was a Glimmer Train Short Story Prize Finalist.

A few Samples and Links

I fought through the swamp
to get to you,
through slippery roots and maroon vines
that twisted up around my legs
like fresh henna thigh tattoos.

Read the rest of my poem, “Marine,” in the Heron Tree Poetry Journal.

The cogs in my chest turn,
crushing bright solder.

My body stone
wears away and rebuilds,
leaving metallic dust…

Read more of my poem, “Alchemy,” with the Fredericksburg Literary and Art Review.

Little Amelia left it there, who marched with the scouts in the Fourth of July parade, a pony of a girl, who drew off-center stars on the bottom of her shoes with the clarity of children concocting themselves.

Read the rest of my piece of flash fiction, “Amelia’s Balloon,” in Whurk Magazine


This poem is published with the Birds Piled Loosely Press.

The Bear’s Back

Last night I dreamt of a bear
who carries us through the forest
on his back.
His paws churn the mud
as we cling to his fur,
he wants to bury us
in a storyteller’s throat.

“The Bear’s Back” was originally published with Streetlight Magazine.


Stretching out
from dry wood,
a new leaf.

“April” was published by the Journal of Wild Culture.